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31 December 2020 @ 12:00 am
Welcome to Kitchen Pantry  
At the moment Recipe Contribution E-mails are Closed. I am just posting the left over Contributions than I will just be posting my favorites recipes for a while.

But I don't mind sharing recipes. E-mail me at the_kitchen_pantry at yahoo dot com.

I just don't like flamers. I had alot of those.

This community will be public except for a few secret recipes.

WARNING: In this journal there will be recipes that has alcohol or recipes for Alcoholic drinks.

This Journal is where I store all my favorite recipes.

If you would like to contribute a Recipe to this Journal e-mail the journal's mod at

the_kitchen_pantry at yahoo dot com

Rules for contributing

1. e-mail journal mod at the_kitchen_pantry at yahoo dot com
2. e-mail the recipe mod the recipe with a photo of finished recipe.
3. Important : Recipe must have a photo. It can be professional or even better take a picture of it yourself.

4. If you see a recipe and you have a way to make it better comment it in the recipe post but place "Recipe Tip" in comment subject

5. Comments is appreciated.

Happy Cooking.
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